VP Membership


Officer Duties and Descriptions: VICE PRESIDENT for MEMBERSHIP

I. Bylaw Duties
The Vice President for Membership, with the assistance of the President-Elect and Treasurer, shall be responsible for developing and implementing plans for building Association membership, for collecting annual dues, and baseline data used to maintain and update the Association's directory, in accordance with the provisions of Article III of the constitution, and for maintaining an active list of all members of the Association with their contact information. The Vice President for Membership chairs the Membership Development Committee.

II. Specific Duties

  1. Build Association Membership
    1. Review and maintain the membership roster in coordination with the Vice President for Publications and Information Technology and the ATAC representative, assuring that the membership database is up-to-date and accurate.
    2. Recruit non-member eligible institutions:
      1. Review the list of active members who become inactive due to nonpayment of Association dues.
      2. Review higher education directories and publications for regionally accredited institutions that are not yet members.
      3. Obtain information on Canadian and Pacific island institutions that meet membership requirements.
    3. Solicit eligible institutions via phone, email or US mail including instructions for applying and paying for membership on the PACRAO.org website.
    4. Track new membership information for each approved institution to prepare for the first-time orientation session and to report at the Annual Business Meeting.
  2. Process Applications for Membership
    1. Review institutional applicants for membership eligibility.
    2. Review institutions not meeting institutional membership requirements for eligibility as nonvoting members.
    3. Write an email letter of welcome to all newly approved member institutions.
  3. Process Membership Renewal
    1. Work with the Vice President for Publications and Information Technology and MemberLeap to prepare renewal email announcements in the spring to each member institution, with follow-up communication to delinquent members after the June 30 deadline, as deemed necessary.
    2. With the Treasurer, correspond as necessary with member institutions that submit incomplete renewals., i.e., missing payment, missing form, request for invoices , etc.
    3. Work with ATAC to terminate any member institutions whose dues are not paid by June 30 for the current calendar year until the annual membership fee is paid.
    4. Assist lapsed members in renewing membership at any time via the PACRAO.org website.
    5. Resolve problems with member listings.
    6. Assist the Treasurer in resolving problem payments.
  4. Chair Membership Development Committee
    1. Select a committee, if desired. Solicit volunteers through the list serve or newsletter and other appropriate means to encourage broad representation on the committee.
    2. Arrange for a committee meeting during the Annual Conference. Chair the meeting, determine a calendar of tasks and responsibilities and assign tasks to committee members with a proposed timeline for completion.
    3. Work with the committee to determine strategies to effectively retain current members and increase membership.
  5. Oversee First-time Attendee Orientation (with DDA and VP for Professional Development)
    1. Develop agenda for first-time attendee orientation at the upcoming annual conference in coordination with the Diversity Development Advocate and the VP for Professional Development.
    2. Coordinate with the Local Arrangements and Program Chairs to ensure a time and room is reserved.
    3. Develop handouts and activities for the session.
    4. Arrange for door prizes/give-aways.
  6. Conference Responsibilities
    1. Coordinate the first-time attendee orientation session.
    2. Meet with Membership Development Committee (if committee formed).
    3. Prepare voting cards, one for every current, paid member institution for use at the Annual Business Meeting in case they are needed.
    4. Prepare and present a brief report during the Annual Business Meeting that includes:
      • Number of institutional memberships approved during the year.
      • Number of member institutions for the current year, including information on new member institutions.
      • Number of individual members in PACRAO during the current year.
      • Number of institutions terminated for non-payment of fees during the year.
  7. Executive Board Responsibilities
    1. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Board.
    2. Participate in all Executive Board meetings, in person and via telephone.
    3. Contribute newsletter articles to the PACRAO quarterly newsletters.
    4. Write and submit three reports (one for Winter Executive Board Meeting, one for Summer Executive Board Meeting, one year-end report for the Executive Board Meeting prior to the Annual Conference).

III. Required and Optional Meetings:

* Refer to Executive Board Calendar for specific tasks each month.

20 Mar 2015