Sessions Information 2022


Session TitleSession AbstractPresenter(s) Institution
30,000 Level View to Your View: Learning OrganizationsWhat is a learning organization? Can everyone join a learning organization? Referencing Senge's Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of The Learning Organization, this session will cover from a 30,000 viewpoint of a learning organization's components. Followed by steps to learn how to impact your organization.Jana Jaraysi  Eastern Washington University
A 'slow but fast' approach to Digital CredentialsUniversity of Phoenix will share its experience developing a badging framework to highlight career-relevant skills students demonstrate throughout their education, from slower pilot-cycles to faster attempts at scale. Whether you've been issuing digital credentials for some time, early in the process, or just 'badge-curious', this session is for you!Chelse Thomas and Nick WilliamsUniversity of Phoenix
Agility in Crucial ConversationsRolling with the punches can sometimes be hard when attempting to have crucial conversations with colleagues. How do you get the conversation back on track?What can you do to help get the conversation moving forward? Let's take a look at some tools, share ideas and engage in some fun.Nicole MendozaStanford University
Are you student ready?The student ready construct is about re-framing an institution's approach to student success from a deficit conversation to one that holistically and strategically strives to educate all students. Learn how UC Merced's Enrollment Management team leverages organizational culture to develop practices that meet the needs of today's students.Lisa Perry and Erin WebbUniversity of California, Merced
Boundary Setting 101: How to decrease your overload and increase your opportunities for new possibilities.Do you struggle with setting clear boundaries, stating your position, and getting your needs met? Do you leave meetings and conversations regretting what you agreed to do or didn't decline to do? This session is all about boundary basics and practicing skills to address your boundary challenges.Lisa ErckUniversity of the Pacific
Bringing Universal Design to Admissions & Registration - It's Not Just for the ClassroomUniversal Design isn't just for classrooms and physical spaces. Learn how to create a more inclusive experience for your students and employees of all abilities and characteristics using Universal Design principles. This session will include practical applications for communications, documents, and more.Chantel BlackSpokane Community College
Building Equitable & Effective WorkplacesJoin this interactive session where we will explore shifts that organizations are needing to make in a 'Corona Normal' future, while learning what's 'in' and 'out' when creating equitable and effective work cultures.Audra McQuarieUniversity of Phoenix
DDC Book Club: Tell Me Who You Are: Sharing Our Stories of Race, Culture, & IdentityStories help connect us through shared experiences and emotions. Reading and discussing 'Tell Me Who You Are' will help us appreciate the stories of others, and better tell our own. By learning the diverse backgrounds and lived experiences of others, we are better able to foster DEIB in our lives.Laura Schonberger and Devin AndrewsUniversity of Phoenix
Dive into Discord: Creating Community & Increasing Communication with Prospective StudentsDiscord, a social communication platform often associated with the gaming community, is also increasingly gaining popularity on college campuses. Discord can be a great way to foster community, provide resources, and increase engagement with prospective students from inquiry to enrollment.Amanda MuDigiPen Institute of Technology
Empathy in Praxis: Supporting Students through Policy and Digital RecognitionLike many institutions during the pandemic, University of Phoenix recognized the need to serve our students with greater empathy and support services. Join our interactive session to learn about some of the changes the University implemented towards supporting our students' busy lives and growing our digital recognition opportunities.Jonathan Graff and Audra McQuarieUniversity of Phoenix
Exceptions prove the rule? Degree Audit Exception Analysis on Student Success OutcomeCSU Fullerton processed more than 7,000 Degree Audit Exceptions annually.   Faculty or academic advisors often initiate the exceptions for transfer course evaluation, substitution to fulfill General Education or major requirements to potentially shorten  students time to degree completion. We will share our current practice and more.Shelly Hsu and Abril VegaCalifornia State University, Fullerton
Frontline FERPA: Making Good Service & Compliance Possible Do you worry about compromising your service standards because of pesky ol’ FERPA? Are you worried that you might accidentally slip up FERPA-wise when helping a student or their family member through a high stakes conversation? In this session, we’ll discuss strategies for ensuring students’ privacy while providing excellent service to the student and their loved ones. Bring your hairiest frontline scenarios so that we can analyze and apply some creative and compliant approaches to serving students in a compliant way.Kristin BensonOregon State University
How Are You Now?Two retired, long time PACRAO members would like to check in and see how their PACRAO colleagues are doing after the last two years of upheaval due to the pandemic and other issues affecting higher education.Rayanne Williams and Stephen Arod ShirreffsRetired from San Diego State University
How Does Your Garden Grow? 
An EQ Conversation
Justin Bariso defines emotional intelligence as, '... the ability to identify, understand, and manage emotions.' As higher ed professionals, and people too, honing our EQ ranks high on the list of ways we can be strong and supportive colleagues, managers, leaders and staff members.Jill Rodgers-Lash and Christine LeeUniversity of the Pacific
How to Win the Battle with BurnoutWhen was the last time you had fun? It sounds silly, but given all of the 'unprecedented-ness' of the last few years it's more important than you think. One word can make a huge difference; the word is FUN and I'm gonna tell you all about it.Chelsea PeoplesUniversity of Nevada - Las Vegas
Imposter Syndrome: What if they realize I am not ______ enough?Overachiever, procrastinator, perfectionist? Worried that others are better than you, think you are not good enough, smart enough, or skilled enough? If so, you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome (IS). How it shows up, impacts health and well-being impedes success and CAN be overcome through a new prism of possibilities.Lisa ErckUniversity of the Pacific
Indy Studies Escapes the Temple of DoomIndependent Study registration processes can be paper-based, high-touch, and terribly tedious for students, faculty, and staff. Learn how UC Merced escaped the pitfalls of this approach and discovered pure gold with a reimagined electronic, touch-free process.Joshua Reinhold and Rena SchneiderUniversity of California, Merced
Leadership-as-Practice'Leadership-as-Practice (LAP) is less about what one person thinks or does and more about what people may accomplish together' (Raelin, 2016a, p. 3). LAP is closely related to several other forms of leadership theories such as collective, shared, distributed, and relational leadership (Raelin, 2016a).Jason TrosineWashington State University
Let Your Audit Be Your GuideAlot of our campus policy and processes could be given a good lookover for efficiency a little more often. What if we had tools that could help us identify where we need improvement of policy and process? Could your Audit lead the way?Nicole MendozaStanford University
Managing Process Change for VA Enrollment CertificationStrategies and best practices for managing process change related to highly regulated processes such as the submission of Enrollment Certifications to the VA will be shared and discussed. Specific areas include stakeholder impact, collaboration, communication, training, documentation updates, and QA compliance support.Andrea Siegrist-BaezUniversity of Phoenix
One Year Later 
Oregon State University launched a pilot microcredential/badging program in Winter of 2022. Join us to learn about our journey including policy, process, technical aspects, and the assessment of our pilot program one year later.Jarell TownsendOregon State University
Native American Students Coping with Historical Trauma in College and in CommunityOftentimes Native students' identities are informed by families and in community, and they are also influenced by historical trauma, internalized oppression, and structural marginalization. This workshop aims to unpack the effects of stress, coping, and survivance while also providing recommendations for how colleges and universities can better serve Native students.Keri Bradford-GomezUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
One of us: Mentoring your student workers into effective Full Time EmployeesStudents who engage in part time, on campus, employment have higher GPAs, are more likely to graduate, and learn skills that can help them have more earning potential after they have left our institutions. So why wouldn't we want to keep them around?Chelsea Peoples and Peyton CoronasUniversity of Nevada - Las Vegas
PAC-12 Registrar RoundtableA roundtable discussion for PAC-12 Registrars, Associate Registrars and Assistant Registrars. The session will be to compare best practices, benchmark current processes and ask questions of your fellow PAC-12 colleagues. Come prepared with a topics you would like to discuss and the moderator will also provide discussion points and topics.Reid KallmanUniversity of Colorado - Boulder
PACRAO PD - Keep it going all year long!Learn more about the PACRAO Professional Development Committee and identify ways we can deliver robust professional development opportunities throughout the year.Alex UnderwoodThe University of Arizona
POC RoundtableThis roundtable is designed to bring together people of color (POC) within the admissions, registrar, and enrollment management field. This session will provide an opportunity for POC colleagues to network, discuss experiences working in higher education, and reflect in a safe environment.Erin CollinsPomona College
Prism of Possibilities: Fewer Emails! Inspired by the Cal Newport book ‘A World Without Email’, Kristin will share strategies that her team has used to lessen the amount of emails in their inboxes while also strengthening work and team relationships. If you are someone who gets anxious just thinking about emails piling up while you are in meetings or knee deep in projects, this session will offer you several possibilities for sending and receiving fewer emails so you have time to work toward departmental and institutional goals you are truly passionate about.  Kristin BensonOregon State University
Rainbow Meetings with Pots of Gold for All:  Making Meetings More Welcoming and Meaningful for All Our Authentic SelvesLet's make meetings more welcoming and memorable, for all our authentic selves. With help from The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters by Priya Parker and Tell Me Who You Are by Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo and our gathered wisdom, we can learn a lot!Julia Pomerenk and Cori HorneUniversity of Oregon 
Show Yourself- Leadership & BelongingWho we are, our intersecting identities, and passions play a significant role in how we lead. This session will discuss servant leadership & how learning about our history can help us to lead with authenticity & create a sense of belonging... via the film Frozen 2.Soraira UrquizaCalifornia Institute of the Arts
Simplified Risk & Quality Management for Admissions & Registrar FunctionsDo you have a handle on the risks inherent to your department functions? If you feel even the slightest twinge of uncertainty when answering that question, come and hear some ideas for low-tech, scalable strategies for risk and quality management in registrar and admissions functions.Joe TateUniversity of Phoenix
Small College RoundtableThis session is your chance to meet with other Small College Registrars and Admissions Officers to find out how their institutions are handling different issues and processes in an office with a smaller staff.  Please note that 'small' colleges are those with an FTE of under 5000 students.Soraira UrquizaCalifornia Institute of the Arts
Smartsheet solutions in the Registrar's OfficeThe Pullman WSU RO was primarily a paper-based. We'll talk about our journey to a web-based office, the solutions created using a single software application, Smartsheet, and the resulting efficiencies and improved office morale.Jill Freuden and Tania SwangerWashington State University 
Strategic Enrollment ManagementDiscuss with the group different ways utilized for retention of students.Melissa CarolusWashington State University
Strengthening Data Analysis Skills in AdmissionsThis session we will focus on the lack of experience among admissions professionals to perform data analysis functions of their positions. You will learn how to design a training program and what basic information should be included.Rina CampbellInroads Analytics
Stuck but what else? Lessons learned in seeking our passion beyond our profession - a world of possibilities.How two registrars reached a crossroads in personal fulfillment and sought a prism of new possibilities while keeping their day jobs. Change can occur through promotion, switching to a new job, adding a new aspect to your career, or pursuing external passions.Lisa Erck and Sarah ReedUniversity of the Pacific
Table Talk - Classroom and Academic Scheduling RoundtableThe Classroom and Academic Scheduling roundtable will provide a forum for new and seasoned scheduling professionals to convene and share best practices.  We'll consider pertinent questions, search for efficiencies, and encourage each other to address obstacles and overcome frustrations in our work.Sarah Strickler and Jill FreudenUniversity of Oregon
The People Centered Leadership/Management ApproachLeadership comes in many approaches. Is a people-centered leader/manager overlooked? Why is this style seen as unproductive? Let's round table about the trends of how people-centered leaders create more productive work environments and healthier employees.Nicole MendozaStanford University
Using Degree Works for CPOS: The Registrar's RoleLearn how the Coconino Community College Registration & Enrollment Services Office leveraged a collaborative project (automated CPOS processing) with the Financial Aid Office to improve Degree Works scribing and address long-standing issues with institutional understanding of Banner/DW integration and utilization of DW in automated graduation processing.Robin JareckiCoconino Community College
When zero equals one. Doing more with less in the Admissions processing office.In an increasingly competitive world of higher education with dwindling enrollment and fewer financial resources, more than ever, Admissions offices play a central role in crafting the future of institutions. While often not getting the same type of priority as recruitment, processing units are essential for successful enrollment.Boubacar BouareEastern Washington University 
Work From Home Policies at your institution: What's been learned since 2020?We've all experienced working from home since 2020, but many of us did so without previously having work-from-home policies in place. Come learn how several schools have successfully implemented formal policies to support this new way of working. This includes a panel of presenters who've successfully implemented policies and practices.Rebecca MathernOregon State University
You Want to Do What? Returning to School as a Full Time Professional.Thinking about going back to school for a graduate degree but don't know how to take that first step? Hear the empowering story of a full time professional leader who decided to get her Ed.D. after being out of school for 20 years.Jennifer McCuneCalifornia State University, Bakersfield