Nominations and Elections Candidates for 2021

The following candidates have been nominated for the 2021 Nominations and Elections Committee. Members may select up to six candidates when voting.

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Gaby Asamsama-Acuña

My name is Gaby Asamsama-Acuña and I am the Registrar at Ventura College. I have been a PACRAO Member since 2014, served in the Local Arrangement Committee, received the PACRAO Grant Conference Award, and have been a Facilitator at the 2016 Annual Conference. I am eager to continue my involvement in PACRAO and to serve in the Nominations & Elections Committee.


Amaury Avalos

My name is Amaury Avalos and I currently work in the registrar's office at Saint Mary's College of California. I have worked as an assistant registrar for about 4 years now and time has flown by! I am a first-generation college student and I find that this aspect of my identity influences a lot of my professional identity in the registrar's office. I hope to bring this perspective to PACRAO. 

Connie Black

Connie Black serves as the first Registrar for College of Western Idaho. With nearly 30 years of higher education experience, helping build Idaho’s newest community college has been an amazing journey. Prior to CWI, Connie worked at Boise State University. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Boise State University and a Master of Education from Concordia University. In 2020, Connie served on the PACRAO online conference planning team.


Brittany Budeski 

Over the past nearly 20 years, I’ve worked in the profession of higher education in both public and private institutions in roles such as: Assistant Registrar, Director of Admissions, Director of Auxiliary Services, Registrar, and most recently, as COVID Response Coordinator. While serving in these capacities, I’ve realized that this work, simply stated, takes a village. PACRAO has been such a significant part of my “village” - now it’s time to give back. I have a passion for the profession, a passion for seeing people succeed, and a fascination and obsession with engineering systems to support ideas into reality. I hope to contribute positively to both the organization and the members, so the good work can continue into the future.

Barb Elich

Barb Elich has been involved in higher education for over twenty years. Her passion for education led her into academic administration where she is committed to helping learners navigate and succeed in their post-secondary goals. She has served as Registrar at two smaller private colleges and is currently the Associate Registrar, Operations for the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Barb has served on the executive and conference planning committees for the Western Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (WARUCC). Her first PACRAO conference was in 2020.


Erin Jensen

Erin is the Campus Director of Admissions at Washington State University Vancouver. She has spent 12 years working in college admissions at public universities in the Pacific Northwest. She believes access to education is a human right and that as college professionals, our responsibility is to serve and uplift our students. Erin is an alum of the PACRAO LDI and is excited for the opportunity to give back to PACRAO if selected to serve on the Nominations & Elections Committee.

John R Leech

John Leech has worked in higher education since 2013 and within a Registrar’s Office since 2015, first in North Carolina before making the long trek to UC Davis in 2018 where he currently resides. Presently, he manages both transfer credit and degree auditing units, as well as supports many other facets of operations including SQL report writing. He received his Bachelors of Arts in History from CU Denver, then later obtained a Master’s in Public Administration at UNCC. John loves traveling overseas and being outdoors in his free time. He also enjoys learning from partners across campuses to further the common goal of supporting the best possible education for all students.

Lindsey Pierce

I have served as the Enrollment Services Coordinator at Clackamas Community College for just over four years and have been working in higher education in the Pacific Northwest for ten years. I have a Master’s degree in Student Development Administration from Seattle University and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies from Portland State University. My professional goal is to advance to a management position within the realm of registration and related services.  I’ve been involved with PACRAO for close to five years, and I would love to deepen my involvement and give back to this professional community by serving on the Nominations & Elections Committee for 2021-2022. I appreciate the diverse and meaningful professional development opportunities that PACRAO has offered to our field for so many years, and I understand that it is only able to do so through its dedicated volunteers. I would love to help cultivate the next group of amazing nominees!

Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas is the Associate Registrar of Student Systems and Degree Progress Technology at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.  In her position she works collaboratively with units across campus to maintain efficient, sustainable and effective technology solutions for registrar related functions around student enrollment, degree progress, and record keeping.  In her 18 years at Portland State University she has had the opportunity to work closely with both functional and technical staff and greatly enjoys her role as the ‘funky tech’ that brings these two, sometimes very vast, worlds together.  Kathy earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University and has previously served on the 2014 PACRAO Local Arrangements Committee and the 2016-17 PACRAO Board.  She is excited at the opportunity to serve on the N&E committee and is looking forward to reconnecting with PACRAO members, new and familiar.

Winter Leigh Woods

Winter has spent the last 5 years working in the Registrar's office at Southern Oregon University. 3 of those years she has served as the institution's Academic Scheduling Coordinator. She is new to PACRAO, having attended her first conference in Arizona 2019, but she is excited for the opportunity to get more involved and work with such an amazing community.