Marc Booker biography

Marc BookerMarc has been an active member of PACRAO since 2009 when he attended his first PACRAO conference in Newport Port Beach, CA presenting on recruiting and retaining top talent. Since then Marc has been a regular fixture at PACRAO conferences speaking on various topics such as leadership, international admissions, and process improvement. Marc has served PACRAO as an alternate for the Nominations & Elections committee and most recently served as the Vice President for Professional Development prior to becoming President-Elect.

Marc is a firm believer in the life-changing outcomes that higher education can bring to local communities and to the world. This is why he is so honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve PACRAO in the presidency role. Marc believes that, "the work that PACRAO does to improve the student experience through connecting thought leaders in admissions and registrar related roles cannot be measured. Behind every degree is the hand of someone from the Registrar's or Admission's office helping a student achieve their life-long academic goals."

Marc is currently the Associate Provost at University of Phoenix, and most recently served as the Vice President of Admissions and Evaluation at the University. He has worked at the University for over 14 years in a variety of admissions, training, and student support roles. His focus as the Vice President of Admissions and Evaluation was on continuous improvement and operational excellence where he helped the University obtain external recognition and awards from the Southwest Alliance for Excellence (SWAE) for process excellence for the University's Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio and Transcript Acquisition processes, and helped the institution obtain additional recognition from PESC in PESC's 2013 Best Practices Competition.

Marc has been actively engaged in the transfer community and is a named a contributor to the Transferability of Postsecondary Credit Following Student Transfer or Co-Enrollment report published by the National Center for Education Statistics within the U.S. Department of Education. Since 2009, Marc has also spoken at AACRAO, CAEL and ACBSP conferences on various transfer topics including Prior Learning Assessment and articulation.

Marc's academic credentials have all been earned at University of Phoenix where he holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Management degrees from this institution. Marc is also currently working on his Doctoral Degree in Higher Education Administration at the University.

Marc resides in Chandler, AZ and in Marc's spare time he enjoys being a foodie in the Arizona culinary scene (which is better than you might think) and vacations in Sedona, AZ. He is also an avid writer of poetry and has published a children's book.