Let's FERPA 'Bout It: A Review and Discussion Workshop
Sunday, October 28
9am – 12pm
Cost: US$60
Presented by: Mark Fonseca
       FERPA Analyst & Degree Works Specialist,
       University of California, Irvine

Mark FonsecaLet's talk about FERPA. It is a federal law we all have to deal with at our Universities. This workshop is an opportunity to get a better understanding of the regulation. The review session of this workshop will cover FERPA basics. This includes key definitions, compliance requirements, the "don’t do," the “must do," the "may do," and the "should do's."

We will also discuss real world cases such as violations, 3rd party tools, IRB reviews, and your unique scenarios or questions. Come and bring your University's FERPA issues and we can try to answer them for you. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for "new to the profession" admissions and registrar professionals to gain understanding of the law and for those who just need a refresher or have real cases to share that need review.