2018 Session Presentation Materials

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2018. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

 PDF document
Microsoft Powerpoint Document

# Session Title Presenter Document
  FERPA Workshop Iris Mark Fonseca
A2 Capitalizing on Population Specific Recruitment  
A3 EASy Does It Kory Riddle
B1 Capitalizing on Combined Services  
B2 Capitalizing Through Specialization  
B3 Communicating with Academic Student Services Staff Stephen Arod Shirreffs, Ph.D., Kylie Borges
C1 Belonging and Inclusion for Registrars Stephen Arod Shirreffs, Ph.D.
E3 Capitalizing on Technology in Recruiting: From CRM to BFF  
F3 The New Boss Surviving, Thriving, Changing Stephen Arod Shirreffs, Ph.D.
J1 Don't Learn the Hard Way - Four Leadership Lessons James Miller

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