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2017 Session Presentation Materials,
Handouts and Attendee List

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2017. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

 PDF document
Microsoft Powerpoint Document

# Session Title Presenter Document
  Shining Light for Supervisors: Leadership and Management Competencies and Tools - Workshop Julia Pomerenk
Kristen Labrecque
Marianne Stickel
  Making Business Processes Institutional 'Points of Pride' - Workshop Wayne Sigler  
A1 Credential Transparency Joyce Li
A2 Getting Started with Texting: Successful Texting in the Enrollment World Jens Larson
Isaias Nunez
A3 Innovative Leadership as Inclusive Leadership Kristin Benson  
A4 Intentional Optimism: Illuminating Paths to Success in Our Profession Lisa Erck
Julia Pomerenk
A5 Tools and Tips to Successfully Implement Electronic Transcript Exchange Monterey Sims
A6 How Office of the Registrar Developed a Project Management Process by Selecting 'Nuggets' from Various Project Management Methods Tursynay Issabekova

A7 BANNER/Ellucian Roundtable Brian Lowery  
A8 Optimizing Student Progression: Why Personalization is Key for Completion Matt Howeth  
A11 FERPA Roundtable Robert Morley  
B1 Disciplinary Transcript Notations: AACRAO Guidance Update Tara Sprehe
B2 eForms: How a Stanford Student Services Team Left Paper Behind without a Spending a Dime (Mostly) Ashley Lippert
George Fernandez
Patricia Sullivan
B3 The streamlined Petitions, Substitution, Exceptions & Waivers process at EOU Emily Sharratt

B5 Innovative ways to Improve Support for Veterans on Campus Darlene Head
B6 Process Improvement for Athletic Certification Adrienne Layne
B7 Women in Leadership Roundtable Laura Remillard
B8 Manage Course Inception through Registration with CourseLeaf Bryan Blackwell  
B9 A Guide to the 5 Innovations We Need Today: Digital Diplomas, Comprehensive Student Records, Data Analytics, Credential Account, and Electronic Delivery Brittany McHugh  
C3 The funky-tech overview of implementing electronic transcripts exchange Jerald Bracken
C4 Millennials and Generation Z - Our Current Generation of Students Dawna Mackay
C5 So you're an honor student ... now why am I holding all this cash?!?! Phi Theta Kappa Induction Process Innovation Kristin Benson  
C6 The Registrar's Role in Academic Space Brian Lowery
Mike Jefferis
C7 Transfer Articulation Roundtable Eric Kidder  
C8 A One-Stop System for Catalogs, Curriculum, Syllabi and Transfer Credit Evaluation Nicole Arsenault  
C9 FERPA: Leveraging Technology and Lessions Learned at CU Boulder Reid Kallman
C10 Transcript Automation Done Right Conor McKeckney  
D1 Ed Talk - From our Membership to our Membership Susan Eveland
Soraira Urquiza
Stephen Arod Shirreffs
Mike Reilly
E1 The role of the Registrar in clearing the path for student success Rebecca Mathern  
E2 Diversity Book Club Audra McQuarie  
E3 EDX: Electronic Exchange of Student Records Roundtable Monterey Sims
W. Matthew Bemis
Jerald Bracken
E4 Innovation in Response to Regulation: Improving the Quality of Your Enrollment and Graduate Reporting to NSC/NSLDS Cassie Hall
Laura McKenzie
Sean McTighe
E5 Requirements? What Requirements? How Well-written Requirements Lead to Good Systems Steven Barnhart
E6 Success 2.0. What an Innovative Idea! Julia Pomerenk
Becky Bitter
E7 Are You Enjoying Maximum Value from your Relationship with the National Student Clearinghouse? Phil Spitz  
E8 A Holistic Approach to Serving our Veterans on Campus Darlene Head
F1 Implementing Curriculum Management: Different Approaches by Different Schools Robert Morley  
F2 Developing Homegrown Curricula for Professional Development Kristen Labrecque
F3 Putting Students First: A One-Stop Service Model Amanda Brown
Lisa Perry
Erin Webb
F4 The Evolving Role of the Registrar: Why records management responsibilities are only one aspect of the portfolio for today’s successful registrar Helen Garrett
Nora McLaughlin
Kristin Benson
F5 The Changing Demographics in Higher Ed – The Italian Diaper Conversation Mike Reilly  
F7 Enhancing and Streamlining the Graduation Process – Tips and Tricks Emily Sharratt
Biljana Jovanovska
Jill Mejia
Suzanne Lambeth

F8 Innovations at your Commencement Ceremony Mark Hommerding  
F9 Innovative Transfer Tools to Maximize Your Recruiting Efforts John Panzica  
G1 Bright Ideas for Effective Meetings Lisa Erck
Courtney Hennigan
G2 Our Innovative Approach to Incoporate Values and Keep Staff Motivated Kandi Gresswell
Jerri Weston
G3 Creating and Introducing Electronic Forms Using WordPress Gravity Forms Anthony Silecchia
G4 Managing Across Generations - Closing the Gap Michelle Dodge
Marianne Stickel
G5 Simplifying Leadership: New Manager's Toolkit Marc Booker  
G6 Tips and Tricks for Academic Room Schedulers Michael Jefferis
G7 LGBTQ Roundtable Soraira Urquiza  
G8 How USC and over 500 Institutions Improved Catalog and Curriculum Operations Bob Morley
Ted Tollefson
G9 Certified Electronic Diplomas, Paper Diplomas, ediplomas: What are the differences and why is digital signing a document simply not enough? Elizabeth Kunde  
H1 Blazing the Trail with OnBase Workflows Jacqueline Semana
H3 Implementing a New Course Catalog and Class Search at the University of Colorado Boulder Reid Kallman  
H4 PowerPoint and Presentations: creating a visual aid, not a visual distraction Tina Miller
H5 Soft Skills and Hard Deadlines: Implementation of New Technology and Processes Anna Jablonski
H6 Student Service is Customer Service: Exploring the Implementation Process of a Campus Wide Student Service Model Tara Hardee
Michelle Taylor
H7 PeopleSoft Roundtable Matt Zimmerman  
H8 Achieving with the uAchieve Planner: An Implementation Journey Erin Webb
John Panzica
H9 You Can't Win the Derby with a Donkey Ken Fisher  
H10 Diversity in Higher Education Arturo Torres  
I1 Authors and Audiences, or How Aristotle Can Make You a Better Communicator Stephen Arod Shirreffs  
I2 Building Networks, Connections and Collaboration Jim Bouse  
I4 Name in Use, Preferred Pronouns, Gender & Legal Sex Designation, and Sexual Orientation Collection Nicolle DuPont
I5 Supporting Students in the Complete Withdrawal Process using System Solutions Beth Acree
I6 Take a Number: Combining Permission Numbers with Personalized Education. Annette Casas
Patty Jorgensen
I7 Office Culture Roundtable Marianne Stickel  
I8 Preview PACRAO's New Accounting Model James Miller
Marc Booker
J1 Cracking the FERPA Code Susan Eveland
J2 Defining Your Institutional Voice and Brand in the International Space Shannon Carr
Melanie Gottlieb

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