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2016 Session Presentation Materials,
Handouts and Attendee List

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2016. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

 PDF document

# Session Title Presenter Document
  A Practical Workshop on Implementing eCredentials, eTranscripts, and ePortfolios Stephen Arod Shirreffs  
  Monday Morning Keynote Speaker Jane Bemis
  AACRAO Update Nicole Rovig LINK
A1 'Pinky and the Brain': Academic Advising, the Registrar's Office and Their Plans to Take Over the University! Jennifer Silverman
Amanda Santos
A2 A Day in the Life of a Transfer Transcript Sue Eveland
Brian Lowery
A3 A, B, C, D-A-C-A: An Introduction to Visas and Immigration John Lapuz
A4 Faculty Governance and the Registrar's Office: An Insider's Perspective Laura Remillard
A5 "It Takes a (Campus) Village: Building Bridges for Successful Cross-campus Collaborations" Jana Jaraysi
Cathy Sleeth
A6 Serving Students Through Exceptions to Policy: Making the Right Choice Michael Santarosa  
A7 Educational Institution Contingency Plan Jonathan Graff  
A9 Utilizing Technology at Commencement for Graduate Engagement and Recognition Mark Hommerding  
A10 Designing a Catalog: Considerations, Content, and Choices Bryan Blackwell  
A11 Navigating the Electronic Diploma Landscape Reid Kallman  
B2 Change is Hard! Incorporating values to keep staff motivated. Kandi Gresswell
Jerri Weston
B4 If They Ask, Can You Deliver? Let's Discuss Audit Customization Requests Cole Moyer
B5 'Nobody Reads the Bulletin Any More': Making the Catalog a Core Value Again Stephen Arod Shirreffs  
B6 Student Schedule Planning & Registration: From Amazed to Amazing in just 12 Months! Karen McCredie
B7 Office Culture Roundtable Joy Kim  
B8 Peoplesoft SIS Roundtable Julia Pomerenk  
B9 Student Data your office can finally make sense of! Nadia Munro  
B10 In-House Diploma Printing - Our Commencement Solution Kevin Hickey  
C1 Athletic Elilgibility: A Holistic Process Review Kathy Rank
Andrea Roner
C2 Best Practices in Building High Volume Transfer Credit Operations Marc Booker  
C3 Collaborating Around a Framework for Employee and Student Success Katie Humphreys
C4 Considerations and Best Practices in the Electronic Exchange of Student Transcripts: EDI, XML, PDF Monterey Sims
Roger Lurie
W. Matthew Bemis
C7 Walk the Allyship Talk Kristin Benson
C9 Beyond 'Imaging': Redefining the Paperless University Tom O'Rourke  
C10 Forms are like Broccoli, Good for You but Hard to Digest Ken Fisher  
C11 Academic & Disciplinary Actions: Transcript Considerations Tara Sprehe
D1 Ethics and the Profession - When Doing Right is Sometimes the Wrong Thing to Do Nora McLaughlin  
D2 My journey of taking over the Degreeworks duties with very little knowledge/training. Emily Sharratt
D3 Safe Zone and the Registrar's Office: How one little sticker can make a lasting impact on a student. Soraira Urquiza
D4 Development and Implementation of a Graduate Degree Progress System Mary Neary Morley
D5 Policy and Practices through the Looking Glass Kristin Benson
D6 New Professionals Jana Jaraysi  
D7 Creating a Seamless Evaluation/Advising Team Tara Sprehe
D8 Transfer Articulation and Reverse Transfer Brian Lowery  
D9 Enhance Student Scheduling: Why Finding the Perfect Schedule is a Necessity, Not A Luxury Caitlin Gary  
D10 Workday Student: Now Available Kevin Molloy  
E1 Utilizing LEAN Methodolgy to Improve Admission Processes Jane Muskens
E2 Creating a memorable and meaningful commencement Ceremony! Jerri Weston
Kandi Gresswell
E3 Process and the Human Factor Heather Chermak  
E4 Challenges & Lessons of the Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances Process (WE) Concetta Di Francesco  
E5 A Formula for Transparent Goal-Setting and Assignment Design Katie Humphreys
E6 Recruiting Underrepresented Populations Barb Roberts  
E7 Supervisors and Managers Roundtable Marianne Stickel  
E8 Are You Getting Full Value from your Partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse? Phil Spitz  
E9 Timetabler Benefits: Some Obvious and some Not So Obvious Edward O'Donnell  
F1 Been There, Done That, Still Enjoying It! Julia Pomerenk
Brad Tomhave
Mary Pat Dutton
F3 Inward to Outward: Mindful reflection for improved student interaction Michael Singletary
Janis Velasquez Farmer
F4 Surviving a New GE Curriculum: Management Techniques and Technology Applications that Saved the Day Eric Kidder
Matt Bemis
F5 Tools to Successfully Implement Electronic Transcript Exchange Monterey Sims
Roger Lurie
F7 FERPA Roundtable Leesa Beck  
F8 Beyond SIS: Creating Governance Frameworks for Promoting Data Resource Management and Organizational Effectiveness Nicole Rovig LINK
F9 Taming Curriculum Chaos - Central Washington University shares the secret John Schoenborn  
F10 Building a Class Schedule the Easy Way Bryan Blackwell  
F11 Trans* Cultural Competence / Working Effectively with Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming Students Holly Reese  
G1 Communicating to students doesn't have to be a cam - PAIGNE in the @$$ Brian Lowery
Sherie Snyder
G2 Relating Employee Engagement to Job Performance and Job Satisfaction Katie Humphreys
G3 Registrar and Financial Aid - How our offices work together to increase student retention and class engagement as well as maintain college compliance Elvia Bow
David Donderewicz
G4 Optimize the Impact of Degree Works: Creative Solutions to Customizing the Degree Cole Moyer
G5 'There Has to be a Better Way!': Re-designing the Pathway to Degree Completion Jennifer Silverman
Carrie O'Connor
Chun Wong
Filiberto Marin
G6 LGBTQ Roundtable Holly Reese  
G7 Admissions Roundtable Noah Buckley  
G8 Electronic Transcript Exchange Matt Bemis  
G9 Extending the Credential; Empowering the Learner    
G10 Essential Outcomes, Learning Objectives, and Catalog Content-Bringing it all Together Anita Aker  
H1 Colleague SIS Roundtable Chris Sweet  
H2 Credentialing, the Registrar and the Future of Higher Education Stephen Arod Shirreffs  
H3 Do you accommodate requests to verify method of instruction? James Feigert  
H4 Think Left and Think Right, Think Low and High. Montana State is Changing the Call, Learn How We Created an Inclusive Campus for All. Kandi Gresswell
Jerri Weston
H5 The streamlined Petitions, Substitution, Exceptions & Waivers process at EOU Emily Sharratt
H7 Women in Leadership Rebecca Mathern  
H8 Law School Roundtable    
H9 Hit the Jackpot! With TES(r) and Transferology(tm) from CollegeSource Shelly Jackson  
H10 Give Helicopter Parents a Place to Land! How Engaging Parents of Prospective and Current Students With A Parent Portal, Supports Enrollment Goals & Saves Registrars Time Barry Allweiss  
H11 Veteran Retention Begins with Outreach Ross Bryant  
I1 Designing a unique family of tools to make the most of a student's college experience. Cindy Lyons
Kory Riddle
I2 Sharing our experience implementing Banner online Graduation Application Cole Moyer
Hayley Farb
I3 New Twists on Wait Lists Rayanne Williams
I4 Ready, Set, Graduate!: Batch Degree Processing Jennifer Ahern
Patricia Jorgensen
I5 Our "Not So" Secret Sauce - Ensuring Student Veteran Transition Success, from Recruitment through Graduation Vicki Hernandez  
I6 Banner SIS Michael Snyder  
I7 Curriculum Management and the Role of the Registrar: Expertise Shared and Lessons Learned by PACRAO Pals who Became AACRAO Authors Robert Morley
Rebecca Mathern
Julia Pomerenk
Heather Chermak
I11 Diversity Committee Book Club Ruth Garay  
J1 Cracking the FERPA Code Susan Eveland
J2 Thriving on Chaos in Admissions Noah Buckley
Brian Palmer

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