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2015 Session Presentation Materials,
Handouts and Attendee List

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2015. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

 PDF document

# Session Title Presenter Document
  International Students: Their Status and Sevis Christina Luther
A1 Share your ideas for communicating with prospective and enrolled students. Julie Schulte  
A2 The Long Road: How Stanford Changed its Standard Class Meeting Patterns Stephen Shirreffs
A3 Title IX,VAWA, Clery: What do all these regulations mean & how is it impacting Higher Education Paul Kyle  
A4 Conquering a Sea of Applications in a Small Office: Identifying strategies and methods in order to increase efficiency with a growing applicant pool. Brenda Hernandez
LaFreida Johnson
Nina Zhao
A5 Bridging the Gap and building relationships between Academics and Athletic Advisors Laura McKenzie
Matt Steuar
A6 Ch-Ch-Changes: Leadership in Transition Kristen Labrecque
Kenda Gatlin
Debbie Crouch
A7 Overhauling the catalog, curriculum and section scheduling process: How CourseLeaf empowers faculty, enables registrars, and engages students Lee Brintle
Bryan Blackwell
A8 What's New at the Clearinghouse Phil Spitz
Dannette Sullivan
A9 LGBTQ Roundtable    
A10 4 Year College/University Roundtable    
B1 New Professionals Roundtable    
B2 Lessons Learned from Implementing Recruiter Lindsay Farnworth
Andrew Stone
Kris Coles
B3 A Qualitative Exploration of Perspectives on the Management and Leadership Role of the Higher Education Registrar Marlo Waters
Len Hightower
B4 Beyond the Degree Audit: additional uses to improve services to students Sara Cook
Anthony Schmid
Leesa Beck
B5 Modifications to Your SIS: Why it's Necessary! Brian Lowery
Fraser Barron
B6 Overcoming Interdepartmental Differences Kimanthi Warren  
B7 Empower your students by simplifying scheduling! How Student Schedule Planning Benefits The Entire Institution Mike Ayers
B8 In-House Diploma Printing - Our Commencement Solution Myrna May
Angela Viera
Cheryl Gaughan
B9 Cracking the FERPA Code Sue Eveland
B10 Multicultural Professionals Winnie Wilson  
C1 PeopleSoft SIS Roundtable    
C2 Responding to Campus Tragedy: An Enrollment Services Perspective Leesa Beck
Donna Coyne
C3 Making the Hail Mary work- don't drop the ball! Successfully reacting, recovering and responding to emergencies in the Registrar's office. Cindy Lehto
C4 Our Work: Searching for Lives that Matter Julia Pomerenk  
C5 Developing Professional Staff for New Frontiers: Building Up the Competencies and Capacities of Newer Professionals at the University of Utah Michael Santarosa, Associate Registrar, University of Utah; Timothy Ebner
C6 Improving Service and Support for Student Veterans Darlene Head
Eric Weber
C7 Course Discovery Tool of Tomorrow: finding and recommending courses based on a student's personalized profile and filters Rob Fitzgerald
Lee Brintle
C8 eTranscripts: Our Path to Success, Savings and Student Satisfaction Laura McKenzie
Phil Spitz
C9 5 Minutes Ruth Garay  
D1 Banner SIS Roundtable    
D2 The Youngest Person in the Room James Miller
D3 The Five Dysfunctions of a Registrar's Office Laura McKenzie  
D4 Triple A's of Organization Strategies: Accountability, Alignment, and Achievement Norman Finlinson
Kirk Strong
Lori Gardiner
D5 California State University campus utilizing E-Advising Tools and the future Dennis Geyer
Jean Irving
Cem Sunata
D6 ANT - Non Traditional Students    
D7 Perfect Schedules are just the beginning: Support Students, Advising, and the Registrar's Office Mike Ayers  
D8 The Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma) has arrived! Reid Kallman
Chris Jackson
Elizabeth Kunde
D9 No Longer Dreaming from the Shadows    
E1 STAR: Graduation Pathways Made Easy (and much more) Dorinna Manuel-Cortez
Joy Nishida
E2 Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together Julia Pomerenk
Kim Mickey
Mary Pat Dutton
Nancy Roe
E3 Providing professional training for staff and faculty on campus to help best serve our student Veterans Darlene Head  
E4 Enrollment Services Models at 2-Year Tech Colleges Patrick Brown
Cindy Mowry
E5 House of Cards: Building a trusting and productive relationship between Faculty and the Registrar's office Darren Francis
Al Wiseman
Marsha D'Angelo
E6 Methods for understanding international secondary program school systems in Asia and the Pacific. Beyond transcript evaluation. David Dooley  
E7 Planning for a memorable commencement Mark Hommerding
Rebecca Mathern
E8 Student Success - It's all in the data Keith Hawkes  
E9 Minority Serving Institutions Campus Climate Deserae Pointer  
E10 Admissions Roundtable    
F1 Small Schools Roundtable    
F2 The Groningen Declaration: What is It, Where is It Now, and Where is It Going Stephen Shirreffs
F3 Restructuring the Registrar's Office for Student Success: Providing Professional Service in a Retention Driven Environment Rebecca Mathern
F4 Pop Culture, Processes, and PACRAO Marc Booker  
F5 Tips & Tricks for Using Recruiter Lindsay Farnworth
Stephen Wood
F6 What it means to be a PACRAOnian Heather Chermak
James Miller
Todd McCollum
Sue Eveland
Julia Pomerenk
F7 The Paper Trail Ends Here: Fullerton's new, Paperless Curriculum and Catalog Success Gail Matsunaga  
F8 New Frontiers - Utilize CollegeSource's Transferology™ Network for Exploration! Shelly Jackson  
F9 Diversity: More than Race and Gender Kristin Benson
G1 State and Regional Associations Roundtable Susan Eveland
G2 Project Management: How We Choose From Many Tools and Vet Projects Against University Goals Tursynay Issabekova
G3 How Morally Potent Are You? An Exploration of Moral Potency Among Registrars and Admissions Directors in the United States Michael Santarosa
G4 'It Takes a Village' - How Various Department Units are an Integral Part of The Athletic Certification Process Biljana Jovanovska
G6 Dealing With PTSD Paul Kyle  
G7 Essential Outcomes, Learning Objectives and Catalog Content - Bringing it all Together Anita Aker  
G8 Extending the Credential; Empowering the Learner Chris Hart
Hilary Butler, Sr.
G9 Diversity in our Profession Andrew Reyes  
G10 2 Year College Roundtable    
H1 Large Schools Roundtable    
H2 The Challenges of Transitioning to the Scientia System in the Decentralized Scheduling Environment at the University of British Columbia Cindy Nahm
Erin Shannon
H3 Veteran Education: Collaboration, Legislation and New Rules Chryssa Jones
Marc Barker
H4 You Can't Move Forward If You're Still Looking Back Jana Jaraysi
Maria Reyna
Robbyn Hoffman
H5 "Whistle While You Work": Fostering Happy, Healthy, Higher Ed Professionals Nikol Roubidoux
Ryan Gill
Jessica Schumacher
H7 Class Scheduling and Student Satisfaction Jonathan Goldstein  
H8 Credentials Solutions: The Total Package Transcript Solution Margaret Freeman
Conor McKechney
H9 Book Club - Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do (Issues of Our Time) Audra McQuarie  
I2 Strategies for changing your office culture and overcoming low morale. Delinah Marples
Jackie Unger
I3 One Stop: Strategic Development & Training for Successful Knowledge Retention Kimanthi Warren  
I4 Perspectives on PLA and Nontraditional Credit Marc Booker
I5 Strategic Recruitments based on Partnerships Kimberly Steele
Gloria Ngezaho
I6 What are students learning? What are WE learning? Assessment and Strategic Planning Kristin Benson
MaryEtta Chase
I9 Understanding recruitment for underrepresented populations Rochelle Walker  
I10 Registrar Roundtable    
J1 When Transfer Articulation Meets Technology Susan Eveland
J3 Reaching New Frontiers by Benchmarking the PAC-12: How the Registrar's Office at the University of Utah is Changing the Game Michael Santarosa
Timothy Ebner,
J4 Social Media and Enrollment Management Technology Jim Bouse
Alicia Baudais
J5 Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid and Cashiering into a One-Stop Model: Successes and Challenges Heidi Dearborn
Andrew Anderson
J6 The Road less Traveled-A review of CSU Dominguez Hills Admissions and Records office development and implementation of an internal professional dev Tara Hardee
Michelle Taylor,
J9 ReEducating ourselves to Serve a diverse student population Ruth Garay  

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