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2014 Session Presentation Materials,
Handouts and Attendee List

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2014. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

 PDF document
Microsoft Excel Document

# Session Title Presenter Document
A1 Supporting the Veteran's Transition from Active Duty to Active Student Michelle McAllaster
Joan Oakes
Regan Kaplan
Banks Blair
A4 Making the Hail Mary Work Rebecca Mathern
Cindy Lehto
A5 Re-Aligning Basic Education: A campus initiative to incorporate Basic Education students into the traditional enrollment process Vanessa Watkins
Mirranda Saari
Colman Joyce
B4 10 Year Review: No Adds, No Drops, No Kidding Rayanne Williams
B5 Stay Positive: New Tricks from Old Dogs (and the Registrars Who Love Them) Julia Pomerenk
Mary Pat Dutton
Nancy Roe
C2 FERPA: It isn't just for Registrars Tina Falkner
C5 How SFU Tried to Train the Community and (Hopefully) Avoided the Dragons Patrick Lougheed
Rella Ng
C6 Transition from 3 to 4 digit course numbers Andrew Anderson
C9 Post Affirmative Action Admissions Challenges and Opportunities Paul Seegert
D1 Strategies for changing your office culture and overcoming low morale Jackie Unger
Delinah Marples
Al Wiseman
D2 If You Build It, Will They Come?: The Efficacy of Social Media Networking Communities for Transfer Student Recruitment Leesa Beck
Keri Bradford
D4 Presenting a Session at PACRAO Marianne Stickel
D5 Leveraging systems, servers, vendors, and standards to innovate, automate and improve student services Matt Bemis
E1 Military Education Benefits , Understanding benefits and helping Veterans at your school Bruce Irvin
E2 100 Tips and Tricks for an Effective Productive Office Sue Eveland
E6 I Can See for Miles and Miles: The Why and How of Environmental Scanning Christine Kerlin
Colman Joyce
E9 Pedaling to Better Work-Life Balance Paul Seegert
Carlos Williams
F4 Fraud Busters: Finding & Fighting Fraud in the Registrar's Office Alan Wiseman, Kate Ross, Karen McCredie
F5 Progress to Degree - How we Developed a Visual Tool for Students and Advisors Dennis Geyer
Kris Trigales
Shiva Pillai
F6 FERPA Basics Tina Falkner
G1 Higher Education Policy and Regulatory Update Mike Reilly
G4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Complete Withdrawals Brian Lowery
G5 Strategies for Process Improvement and Building your Brand by Showcasing your Operations Marc Booker
Audra McQuarie
Kyle Walraven
G6 Cool Excel Tricks You Can Use Every Day Gwen Hyatt
H1 Strategic Enrollment Management: Utilizing Financial Aid to Shape Enrollment Roger Thompson
H4 Going Electronic with Ellucian and NSC Transcripts Kerri Kotesky
H6 Registrar - A Strong Partner with Academic Affairs for Curricular Change: Proven Practices for Facilitating Degree, Course, and Requirement Changes Rebecca Mathern
Julia Pomerenk
I2 Practical Math for Higher Ed Administrators - Handout Gwen Hyatt
I2 Practical Math for Higher Ed Administrators Gwen Hyatt
I4 The Modern Registrar's Office: Embracing Change, Leveraging New Technology, and Utlizing Third Party Vendor Solutions Reid Kallman
Celeste Nguyen
I5 Degree Audit for Graduate Programs of Study Matt Bemis
I6 Credit for Prior Learning: Academic Policy & Transcript Practices - The Registrar's Role Cindy Baccar
I8 No More Drinking from the Firehose: Technology and Just In Time Orientation Shawn Miller
Tracey Phutikanit
J2 Distributed Data Entry for Scheduling Classes Mike Jefferis
J3 University Core Transition: Registrar Perspective Andrew Anderson
J4 No Longer Dreaming from the Shadows: Creating a Welcoming Campus for Dreamers Colm Joyce
Felisciana Peralta
Rosalba Pitkin
Michelle Mussen
Workshop Student Veterans 101 Darlene Head

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