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2012 Session Presentation Materials and Handouts

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2012. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

 PDF document
Microsoft Word Document
Microsoft Powerpoint Document

# Session Title Presenter Document
A1 Self-Service Transfer Articulation Services Matt Bemis
A2 Using Data to Drive Staffing Decisions Mark McKellip
Brandy McLelland
A3 Meeting the Needs of Veteran Students Now Catherine Ward
A4 Using Strengths Perspective to Build Team Rapport Siv Serene Barnum
A5 Delivering a Registrarís Summit Successfully Timothy Ebner
Liz Johnson
B1 Rescinding Admission Based On Final Transcripts Paul Seegert
Carlos Williams
B2 Itís Auto-Magic: Awarding Degrees Upon Completion Kristin Benson
B3 Implementing a Document-Imaging Solution Derreck Pressley
B5 Self-Serve Tools The Online Student Record Elfie Smith
C2 Rethinking Your Student Veterans Services Lisa Linares
Billiekai Boughton
Richard Gilbert
Timothy Borch
C4 Becoming LEAN: Streaminglining Student Service Processes Roxanne Beloit
Steven Bays
Robin Young
Sheila Jarrell
C5 Next Generation Student Record Celeste Fowles Nguyen
Reid Kallman
D2 A Brighter Future with Mandatory Advisement Mary Neary Morley
D4 Maximizing Student Assistant Potential Michelle Comer
Ivan E. Noe
D6 Transcript Processing Redefined Thomas McKechney
E1 One Stop: Before and After Steve Schissler
E3 UCSB's Degree Audit Exception Workflow Sara Cook
Anthony Schmid
E4 Communications = Increased Retention  
F2 FERPA Rights and Responsibilities Clifford Ramirez
F3 Registrar's Registration Toolkit Sue Eveland
F4 "Technovisions" in Staff Training and Development Kira Freed
Shelley Ostermiller
F5 Utilizing Waitlists at Three Institutions Brian Lowery
G3 Gender Change and Academic Records Round Table  
G3 Gender Change and Academic Records Round Table - Notice of Change In Personal Data  
H1 A Closer Look Into a Campus-Wide Open House Shira Scott
Matthew Hebert
H3 Getting Central IT to Do Your Projects First Sue Eveland
H4 Leading Others to Create A Brighter Future Heather Chermak
Julia Pomerenk
I1 Implementing a Call Center Tara Sprehe
I2 Technology Empowers Graduate Admitting Judith Haccou
Tifany Ferguson
I3 Academic Experiences of Students Compared Ron Urban
I4 Strategies for Staffing and Service Support Steve Downing
Robin Young
J1 The Dream Act Adrienne Kellum McDay
J2 J2 Ė FERPA Updates and Scenarios Dale King
J4 Health, Home, and Work: Creating a Balance Audra McQuarie
Soraira Urquiza

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