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2011 Session Presentation Materials and Handouts

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2011. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

 PDF document

# Session Title Presenter Document
A1 What's In a Name? Marian Sofish
Bonnie Sugiyama
A2 Academic Standing: The "No Progress" Amendment Brian Lowery
B2 Automating Complete Withdrawals: Capturing Exit Data Kari Geske
B3 AP Articulation: On Time and Hands Free Estelle Brunner
Brian Lowery
B4 Making Admissions 'Automagically' Happen Ryan Burton
B6 Distributed Data Entry for Scheduling Classes Mike Jefferis
C1 Online Catalogs: Lessons Learned Diane Crabtree, Joanie O'Brien
Brad Wilkin, Janna Clark
C2 Enrolment Services Integrated Services Model v2 Mark Keller
C4 Registration for the Next Generation: a Waitlist Short Story Mike Jefferis
Kari Geske
C5 Electronic Transcripts Processing Matt Bemis
Robert Morley
Jim Bouse
D1 Telling Our Stories: Powerful Ways to Communicate Jean Lang
Julia Pomerenk
D2 HEOA and Federal Disclosure Requirements Kathy Jones
Marla Edge
E1 Creating an Office Retreat Rayanne Williams
E2 Kaizen! A Quick Guide to Continuous Process Improvement Ryan Smith
Joe Tate
E9 The Importance of Being Encouraging Alicia Baudais
F3 Managing the Privacy of Student Records Cliff Ramirez
G1 Lessons Learned: Reflections on a Professional Journey Janet Ward
H2 Utilizing Waitlists to Increase Student Enrollment Rebecca Mathern
Brian Lowery
H3 Degree Audit for Graduate Programs Matt Bemis
I5 Fun With Accreditation Julia Pomerenk
Jill Cope
Tina Miller
I7 Terrific Transfer Tools Estelle Brunner
Brian Lowery
J4 History of the Registrar Profession Rayanne Williams
J6 Self Reported Course Information for Admissions Paul Seegert
K1 Keeping it Fresh: FISH Becky Bitter, Julia Pomerenk
K2 Preparing for Your WASC Assessment Visit - Outline Marianne Stickel
K2 Preparing for Your WASC Assessment Visit Marianne Stickel
K7 Enrollment Changes and Technology C.J. Bishop
Paul Lampano
K8 Enrollment Management and an Inquiring Mind Janet Ward
Breaking Poverty Barriers - Part 1 Dr. Donna Beegle
Breaking Poverty Barriers - Part 2 Dr. Donna Beegle
Breaking Poverty Barriers - Part 3 Dr. Donna Beegle
L2 The Road to FERPA Compliance Gwen Hyatt
L5 Rethinking the eTranscript Celeste Fowles Nguyen
Reid Kallman
L6 Mobile Apps, Mobile Web and Cool Tools Jim Bouse
L7 Developing a Student Retention Culture Stephen Case
L8 One Stop Student Services: Multifunctional Success Support Kimanthi Warren

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