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2010 Session Presentation Materials and Handouts

The table below lists the session materials and handouts that presenters have chosen to upload for PACRAO 2010. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column. Be sure to download all the items for the session in order to have a complete set of materials.

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# Session Title Presenter Document
A1 Works Well With Others - The Importance of Effective Collaboration Neil Marnoch
A2 Keeping on Top of Advisement Mary Neary Morley
A3 Automating Transfer Credit and Articulation Processes James D'Arcy
A4 Streamlining Commencement Rebecca Mathern
A5 Document Management. Now What? Mickey Reynolds
A7 Undergraduate and Graduate Retention: Two Concepts, One Outcome Cathy Alexander
Maria Kohnke
Angela Naginey
A8 Accountability, Portability, Sustainability: the Electronic Portfolio for Learning and Achievement Celeste Fowles Nguyen
Reid Kallman
A9 Information Integration-The Future of College Catalogs Dana Browne
B3 UC Admissions Evaluation: Thinking Outside the Box Kate Jakway Kelly
B5 How We Linked Advising-Registration-Retention Needs Marianne Stickel
Peter Mentzer
B6 Graduate Students Cool Tool - Their Online Progress Report! Claire DeWitt
Kevin Green
B7 Managing and Training International Credentials Evaluators Beth Simpson
D1 Cool Excel Tips and Tricks Debi Tuttle
D2 FERPA: Introduction to Student Privacy Clifford Ramirez
D3 Surprising Service Without Selling Your Soul! Al Wiseman
Darren Francis
Jenny Fiorini
Andrew Armour
D4 IB Students and First Year University Performance Michael Bluhm
Andrew Arida
D5 Privacy Legislation in Canada - Part 1 Veronica Chodak
David Johnston
James D'Arcy
D5 Privacy Legislation in Canada - Part 2 Veronica Chodak
David Johnston
James D'Arcy
D5 Privacy Legislation in Canada - Part 3 Veronica Chodak
David Johnston
James D'Arcy
D6 How to Host a Successful New Graduate Student Orientation James Crane and Janice Robinson
D9 Why Use a Print Process for a Web Delivery? Joshua Hoagland
E1 Streamline, Simplify and Save! Robyn Ballard
Christy Sutphen
E2 "Cool" Classroom Scheduling Strategies LaVern Lazzereschi
E3 DegreeWorks Plan Approval Using WorkFlow Heather Chermak
E4 AACRAO EDGE: The Coolest Resource for Evaluating and Advising International Students Mary Baxton
William Paver
Johnny Johnson
E6 As Easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3: Student Success Initiatives Jody Gordon
E7 Navigating The Electronic Transcripts Landscape Margaret Freeman
F1 Utilizing Wait Lists to Increase Student Enrollment Rebecca Mathern
F2 Inviting Ourselves to the Party Julia Pomerenk
Brad Tomhave
F7 Transforming The Incoming Student Experience Mark Johnston
F9 Delivering eTranscripts Without Lifting a Finger Bill Van Orsdel
H1 FERPA: Advanced Topics in Compliance and Practice Clifford Ramirez
H2 The Impact of Grade Inflation on the Incidence of Academic Deficiencies Ron Urban
H3 Innovative Web-based Advisement Applications Matt Bemis
H4 Job Shadow: A Cool Place to Collaborate Courtney Whetstine
H5 Automating Complete Withdrawals Brian Lowery
H6 Telling Our Stories: Powerful Ways to Communicate MaryAnn Neely
Julia Anne Pomerenk
Rayanne Williams
H7 Do You Have An Advising Philosophy?: How We Developed One (With Faculty Input) Kathi Gatlin
Melissa Thomas
Prezi Link
H8 Getting There From Here: Building a Foundation for Successful Change Cindy Nahm
Deirdre Brown
Kelli Fitzmaurice
H9 Co-Curricular Record: The Complete Student Experience Documented Gareth McVicar
I1 Automated Grade Change Processing for Faculty Carin Rowland
Audra McQuarie
I2 Rewarding Employees in a Down Economy Joyce Allen
Kristin Plaehn
I3 Using our Brains to Bring out the Best in People! Julia Pomerenk
Heather Chermak
I6 Rewriting Academic Standing for Success Brian Lowery
I8 DegreeWorks Implementation at OSU - What We Learned Ray Grant
Nancy Laurence
I9 Fair Warning - A Student Success Initiative Marjorie Budnikas

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