PACRAO Review Winter 2019 edition

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Volume 10 • Number 1 • January 2019

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Registrar History Part I

Tom Watts
Oregon State University – Retired

 Perhaps the most interesting project that I worked on at the Office of the Registrar (OtR) at Oregon State University Office (OSU) was during my last year in the office. I was fortunate during my fifteen years at OSU to work on assignments that were interesting, important, and challenging. Each project had its demands, frustrations, and rewards; all were valuable learning experiences and opportunities to work closely with colleagues across the university.

Approaching my last year, the University Registrar, Rebecca Mathern, asked me to work on a particularly captivating project that we quickly dubbed the Registrar History.

Until we actually began, I couldn’t envision how exceptional the project would be or that I would end up fully immersed in documenting the history, in its broadest sense, of policies, procedures, regulations, initiatives, and collaborative efforts that impacted the work of the OtR. Personally, it was a challenging, educational, and gratifying way to end my work at OSU. For the University, the work has served as a great first step to a continually updated record of information and valuable institutional history.

This article – Part 1 of 2 – is a description of the project’s beginning: how we defined the scope, selected topics, and dealt with the expansion of the project. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will complete the explanation of the project, including our research methods, organizing our presentation, and reconciling the information overlap. Also included will be a discussion of our estimation of the value of the project and the circumstances that allowed us to make this undertaking a success.

The Role of the Academic Analyst in Shared Governance

Rebecca Mathern, PhD
Associate Provost and University Registrar
Oregon State University

This abstract is a summary of a Ph.D. dissertation as titled above. The next
publication will include a summary of the findings of the research and will include an opportunity to ask questions that can be answered by the researcher. This abstract is the warm-up for the research findings article in the following months.

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