August 2012 Edition

Welcome to the PACRAO Review! I’m happy to share with you articles written by fellow PACRAO members for this third edition of the PACRAO Review.  The first article on the “Reverse Transfer Model: Challenges, Opportunities, and Process,” by Kent Kuo and Danny Aynes, highlights a growing trend in higher education, the reverse transfer. They provide insights on reverse transfer based on their experiences in Oregon. Another article by Amy Flint reassures us that the unusual and unexpected experiences in the workplace happen to all of us in our profession.  “Unusual Encounters in the Admissions & Registrar Offices: The Lessons Learned” provides some entertaining stories as well as valuable takeaways.
We hope you will enjoy this third edition of PACRAO Review and we encourage you to be an active author, editor, or contributor to the PACRAO Review. Please email me with your ideas and suggestions.  Also, join me in thanking the members of the PACRAO Editorial Board who are volunteering their time and energy to bring you PACRAO’s very own peer-reviewed journal.

Celeste Nguyen

Associate University Registrar, Stanford University

PACRAO Vice President for Professional Development

Editor, PACRAO Review


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